Decentralized Ride-hailing Experience

Zero Commision

Shifting the focus from the existing commission-based platforms to a new subscription-based economic model.

Market Dictated Pricing

A unique blockchain-enabled auction mechanism that allows drivers and riders to control their rides.

Open Governance

Drivers and riders are given a voice and their right to govern themselves keeping their best interests in mind.

Incentivized Participation

Blockchain-based loyalty & incentive program by using native token "CTT".


The use of a blockchain enables trustlessness by leveraging programmable automated self-executing smart contracts.

Transparency & Equitability

Using smart contracts for the fare negotiations, governance, managing stake-based services and privileges. Bringing transparency in Fare computation, dynamic pricing and commission-less payment transfers.


The platform itself is governed by a DAO where everyone can participate in decision making by putting forth proposals and voting on them.

Tokenized Economy

The native platform utility tokens are used for gamifying loyalty, rewards and incentives, while stable tokens are used for on-chain macro and micropayment transfers. Native tokens are meant to be staked for acquiring Franchise NFTs or FNFTs which provide the franchisee rights to use the name and system of City.Taxi.


City.Taxi is bringing for the first time, a franchise model to the ride-hailing industry, enabled by NFT technology. This will usher a new paradigm of doing business in the ride-hailing industry in particular and the transportation industry at large.


Fees & Discounts

Get discounts on fares for riders and platform subscription fees for drivers,

Platform Governance

CTT token holders can create proposals and vote for new features. Franchise contenders have to stake CTT tokens to win FNFT auctions and consequently the rights to run operations in a region.

Earn Interest by staking

Delegate to Franchise owners - Drivers and Riders can delegate their CTT tokens to be staked on their behalf for Franchise candidates in return for a pre-decided revenue share.


Q1-Q2 2023

App Development |
Seed Round |Private Sale| Crypto Partnerships

Q3 2023

Public Sale | Exchange Listing | Staking |

Q4 2023

#RideTheChange-Pilot Launch in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
|Onboarding of Ex-Uber Director | $CTT Staking
App Development |
Seed Round |Private Sale| Crypto Partnerships

Q2 2023

Governance | Franchise Dashboard
|Entry in Metaverse

Q3 2024

NFT Sale | Proof of Ride| Franchise Operations

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